Getting started

Vocabulary list

To play Vocabulary Football you need a vocabulary list. You can use the build-in vocabulary editor, which features easy and intuitive operation, to create new lists or edit existing ones.


Alternatively, you can create and edit vocabulary lists as CSV or TXT files by your own. Please note that the application can only load files with the following data structure:


Your vocabulary list should look like this example (separated by comma, semicolon or tab):



There are several general settings you may adapt to your needs.


Moreover you can change some options regarding to vocabulary lists, especially the mode of vocabulary selection during the game (only source language / only target language / both languages).


Teams and player numbers

Like real football Vocabulary Football is played between two teams. Both teams should be equally big and consist of 5 to 16 players. Each player of a team has got a number (like on a football jersey). The players with the same number compete against each other. When every student is assigned to his/her team and number, you can start the game.